Thru The Dark


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Released on Oct 31, 2020. Thru The Dark is the opposition of Thru The Light. Thru The Dark paints a picture about a side that displays unwanted vibes, aggression, loneliness and a rhythmic flow with high octane lyrics involving mental thoughts and how feelings can prove your downfall. Overall there is a dark side (defiance) and a light (enlightenment) side within us. We can learn alot from both sides. The dark can help us spot out deception/facades or anything else that can harm us. Though it can be viewed as a negative aspect. Thru The Dark displays having no fear, no emotions and being your own enemy as well. In some situations these thoughts can be beneficial as well as detrimental. While our lighter side tends to be positive. It can bring our downfall if there is no balance or structure. This is not in reference of which side is better than the other. That is a matter of choice/opinion. In the end, the key is a perfect balance to all things. Having too much of one side can be traumatic.

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