Rising from the underground to the global stage, Mr.Reaper is a dynamic force in hip-hop. His unmatched blend of raw lyricism and compelling rhythms defines his style, leaving an indelible mark on the genre. With an innate ability to craft verses that delve into life's depths, from resilience to spirituality, Mr.Reaper stands as a true conscious rapper.

Inspired by childhood idols Bone Thugs N' Harmony, he embarked on his musical journey at seventeen, self-producing and distributing tracks. Overcoming personal and financial hurdles, he rekindled his passion in 2019, setting the stage for a series of milestones.

This resurgence marked the beginning of a series of monumental achievements. His recent collaboration with renowned artist Wiz Khalifa on the track "Options" has garnered widespread acclaim, setting the stage for a dazzling future. Notably, his singles "Ur Slippin Away From Me" and "Thru The Dark" soared to chart success, finding their place on iTunes UK and South Africa charts. The music videos for "Thru The Dark" and "Awaken" earned prestigious premieres on MTV and BET, solidifying his status as a rising star.

Recognized by Earmilk, Hype Mag, All Hiphop, Thisis50, Hip Hop Weekly, A&R Factory, and Notion.  Mr.Reaper's journey continues to resonate. His recent resurgence emphasizes his unwavering commitment, while his magnetic singles and collaborations paint a vivid musical narrative. As he evolves, Mr.Reaper remains dedicated to his listeners and his craft, solidifying his position as a luminary in hip-hop.